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The legend of the Lindwurm

In the era when Duke Karast ruled the land from high up on Karnburg Castle, the area stretching from Lake Wörthersee to the River Drau was covered in damp moss, wild bushes and lots of trees. Up in the mountains countless numbers of cattle grazed, while people rarely set foot in the eerie and impenetrable darkness below – as no one who dared to go there ever returned... 


The legend of the Lindwurm [26 KB]

Das Wörtherseemandl
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The little man of lake Wörthersee

At the south bank of lake Wörthersee, western of Maiernigg, the mountain ridge covered with dark conifers falls down sharp to the water and forms the so-called Black Wall, under which during the ghostly hour the bells of a sunken town are said to ring...

The little man of lake Wörthersee [24,5 KB]

der steinerne Fischer
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The fisherman of stone

Once upon a time, a fisherman from lake Wörthersee came to the market to sell his fish. A very thrifty housewife doubted the accurary of his scales...


The fisherman of stone [24 KB]

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The tower guardian

In former times it was tradition that the guardians of the tower of Klagenfurt’s parish church proclaimed the passing of each hour by blowing a horn in all directions...


The tower guardian [26 KB]

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